Women’s Swimwear Beach Cover-ups


A swimsuit is a swimming costume and is also referred as bathing suit or swimming costume. Swimsuits are generally skin-tight clothing costumes designed to reveal the body as much as possible without nudity. Swimsuits are also worn in beauty contests for the purpose of show off body. You can also see women in Swimsuits on the beaches and around swimming pools.




Types of swimsuits

  • One piece swimsuits
  • Two piece swimsuits

One Piece Swimsuit

A one piece swimsuit is also called as One Piece Swimwear or One Piece Bathing Suits.

Style of One Piece Swimsuits

  • Maillot
  • Tank
  • Pretzel suit
  • Plunge front
  • Halter-neck
  • Monokini

Two Piece Swimsuits

Style of Two Piece Swimsuits

  • Bikini
  • Tankini

Beach Cover-ups

How to cover -up on the beach and around the poolside? Women’s swimwear beach cover-ups is used for this purpose. A woman wants to look and feel sexy, confident, relaxed, happy and comfortable at the beach so a good cover ups should meet all these requirements. So let’s look  what are the options are available for this purpose.

  1. Shorts

shorts beach main

Shots give you a modest look at the beach or pool side but not comfortable as it takes a lon time to dry if your swimsuit is wet.

2. Skirts


Skirts give you a more pretty and charming look and also looks better than shorts. It is also comfortable and easy to wear. So you can choose it as an easier choice than shorts.

3. Sarongs


One of the most popular women’s beach cover-up comes in a long enough and colorful material. It can be ties on different ways and you can use it as shorts, skirts and tops. A sarong gives you more beautiful and sexier look but can rise an adjust problem.

4. Beach Dresses


In this modern age you can find a lot of beach dresses which are comfortable and easy to wear made of cotton and are especially designed for wearing over swimwear.

5. Kaftans


These are like oversized costumes and are used to be worn over the swimwear or beachwear. One of the advantages of Kaftans is that they can be worn without a short and skirt and give you comfort.

6. Saress


A new costume is coming in the market with different styles and colors. It is very easy to put on as it has two loops. The fabric of saress is very light, quick drying and flattering and is the best option to wear on the beach.

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